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Phone memory problems: Causes and Solutions.

Phone memory problems: Causes and Solutions.

Phone: memory full, not enough memory, low memory, insufficient memory, storage running out of space, Free up space and delete items:- what is the cause and the solution.

All android is written and programmed with the same software that is open market android os software. Think of the activities of Android phones just as you eat and pass it out through other means . Then what happens to the activities you carried out on your android phone. You browse, you receive text messages, you take pictures and videos and delete the files, where do you think the deleted items goes? It keeps on accumulating till it causes more harm than good.

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What can cause Phone insufficient memory or memory full?

1. When you browse you open and close pages- each page you open download sub file from the website. That is why you can pick virus from any website: these downloaded files keeps on accumulating browser cache even if you clear or clean history (browser history) there is memory clearer software for Android, but I don't know how effective this can be so this installed and downloaded ‎files can cause memory full. Even if you are not using memory card.but browse then the memory full is inevitable.

2. SMS MMS and Chat: they are other cause of memory full. Is not only android that suffers this memory full even other smaller phones. This may sound funny but it happens, as you ‎continue your SMS chat activities you keep on downloading, uploading and deleting. Time will come when you have used up all the allocated memory for SMS, mms and chat. Thereby causing your phone to indicates memory full or ever to stop power

3. Photos and Videos: this is the main action that cause more bad than good to your phone device. Mostly in MTK and SPD androids you will see this message; the ‎storage memory is almost full delete some items.

Not enough storage or insufficient memory, free up some space to continue, as you see this massage be prepared because you may not only full flash the phone but loose everything in your phone memory unless you backup .

I had this ugly experience with Blackberry Z3 (android version) after warning me of not enough memory free some space, I wake up one day to discover that my phone has reset and I loose everything inside the phone. To avoid this incident when you see the warning backup your phone before unexpected happens.

Whatever happens we must watch videos and take pictures.

4. Transfer and downloading of apps. Videos, photos, etc. We have discussed what and how you can transfer files in this website.
When you see app, videos, or photo you like in somebody's phone, you will like to have some. It may be attractive videos or picture in social media, you will also like to download them. The price you pay for this is either you download virus alongside or you accumulate your phone memory.

Solution to phone memory problems.

1. Perform soft or hard reset 

 How to perform soft reset on phone (android). the example used here may not be exact with your phone but similar.

 a) Tap the Menu icon (button)

b) Tap or press Settings icon

c) Tap or press backup and reset icon

d) Tap or Press format (factory data reset) icon

e) Tap or Press Reset Phone in some cases you can tick Erase Phone memory 

How to perform Hard Reset. Most Hard Reset involves keypad or button combinations.

2. Full flash your phone. The other method is to Full flash your phone. If you have some technical knowledge then we can guide you other wise  you give it to expert. We advise you to perform flash on your phone (re-writing) the phone OS. 

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