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The best application to have in every android smart phone

The best application to have in every android smart phone

Android phone are the best phone to enjoy if you have the right applications installed on the phone. Android phones are like empty and skeletal vehicle with only engine and wheel. Is only when you pimp a car it turns to ride.

c and power it, you must install OS( Operating System) and other applications to enable the PC work.

As android phones are like car and computer, when you buy new one ‎is only OS and few system applications you see inside the phone. So you must download or transfer other applications.

Those necessary applications (app apk) includes

1. True caller- although some android phones come with this app as default system app. It is important because with this app you can use to detect hidden caller phone numbers.

2. Social Media apps - the world is now a global village ad in order to follow the moving trends, a social media apps is a must. This social media includes; - WhatsApp, Facebook, wechat, Telegram, emails networks.

3. Google map- this app may sound strange to you but it suppose to be number one. The Google map acts as a guidance and escorts when you are going to unknown area. The application is self explanatory. Having the app is not just option but right choice.

4. Tracker application - this particular apps is essential to trace and track a lost items including person, phones and others. There is a set back with this particular app because it doesn't work in many countries.

5. File Transfer app- this is another important app because users are always in habit of give me this give me that. The major setback with this app is that as you collect and give files you also circulate virus. The transfer or sharing app includes Bluetooth. Flashshare, X ender etc

6. Android Games - there are thousands and millions of games to download. The setback with these games is that some of them occupy much storage spaces. Ranging from about 10MB to 10GB space for just one game.

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