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The Secret behind Nigeria Network providers surplus data bonus.

The Secret  behind Nigeria Network providers surplus data bonus.

Of recent in Nigeria it has been bonus this bonus that of data plan with almost all network providers. It seems like a competition between them.

Your phone keeps ringing with message alert. You will receive this kind of message

Free data get double data when you buy 1 GB for #1000...

Get #1500 worth of data and #500 to call all network with #100

 Get 1 GB for #200 and soon.

If you are using different network, your battery will run down quick because of free this and free that. messages.
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How you ever wondered how can this be? Who is dashing this network providers money to slash and splash promo on their users. Which day Nigerian government subsidize data package price?

Could this be because of Google company that launched free WiFi in some parts of Lagos? Which day that all these network provides turned to father Christmas? Your guess is as good as mine. 

Take your mind back that at about 4 years ago Glo came up with‎ Glo data unlimited plan. Which they claimed that they recorded about 4 million new users with the data within 4 months. Till this moment that trick Glo used is still working as some people are stll browsing with Glo network. We did a research and discovered the reason behind the Glo so called unlimited data plan....
After reading this you will stop browsing with Glo network. 
Airtel came up with 1GB for #200 though they specify the terms and conditions (2G network only). It was a welcome development for those that use low end phones. Those using android phones may not be part of this plan unless is old android phones. The users complained that despite the fact that is 2G the speed is as slow as snail movement.

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Etisalat followed suit by giving out free data and airtime bonus. Load this to get that and load that to get this!. Etisalat continued bonus upon bonus without proper management. Hope you remember what happened to Etisalat at the end? Etisalat accumulated debt and sold.

9mobile bought Etisalat and it has started another promo we hope that the new management have lean their lesson to avoid selling it like Airtel for the 3rd time.

MTN, when it comes to network strength across Nigeria mtn scores high both in browsing strength. You pay through your nose to get the service.

On 4th August someone received a message from MTN " FREE DATA! Get double data when you buy 1GB for #1000 and dial *131*106# to get 2GB data + 500MB

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After the person subscribed he was only given 1GB + 500MB instead. Where is the remaining 1GB....? The secret behind free data bonus.

Check the media, online, TV and radio statins all filled with shouting if free data and bonus. How legit is the so called data for free? Is there anything that is free in this world even the air we breath.. so why are all this noise about free data? This is just like white lie that says make $100 in a day online without work. How? Just connect your computer online, start looking at the screen and money will start flowing. All are fallacy!
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As a trained engineer I don't do things the way others do. I always think about the secret behind the free gift. What are the hidden charges about your promo? I went on research and discovered that the 1GB you buy now because of promo is equivalent of 500MB.

How did this result came to be? ‎ I had 900MB of data left only to download 600MB file without touching or opening any other browser page and the data exhausted. See picture below.

The Secret  behind Nigeria Network providers surplus data bonus.

The secret is that Data has been coded and boasted not the actual data. The actual data remains the same?

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