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How Android phones Reveal Your Secrets without You knowing

Androids Secret that you don't know

The most intelligence spy you have around you, is your android smart phone.
Android which was introduced by Google in 2008 as open source Operating System (OS)  software. It records a massive recognition among users. Android has about two billion users worldwide. Android can as a liberation from other smart phone OS such as Nokia, Samsung and Apple phone.

Android OS ‎was accepted by almost all the smart phone companies except apple, the apple company still hold on their own smartphone Os  which is very difficult and hack and hard to crack.

Everybody wants to have android phone and with the latest OS and upgrade able  ‎features. Having android phone is a dream come through, but the secret about android smartphone is what you don't know much about.


1.      Touch screen. 

Androids come with touch screen (about 90%‎) you touch with your fingers or body. What is the secret behind touch? Screen working with your body but not with any other object? Do you know anything about this tech.
Your body is an electrical conductor which helps to complete an open electrical circuit of touch screen and Android…. 

2.     Android Google map.

Many people think that android Google map is just to check map. No No is not only that. Android Google map can take you to a set destination. If you are lost on a journey and going to place you don't know much about. Set your Android phone with Google map to a nearest notable or recognized center of the place you are going. Android map will not only take you there but also guide you on a route to take.

3.      Your personal information 

Once you setup android, you must activate find my phone in Android. This helps you to locate your phone but also identify your present location. If anybody can have access to your email, the person can locate your position through this feature.

4.     Google drop box or Google storage. 

Are you a tech literate, do you know how to activate your Google drop box storage? If yes do you know that android install/save your photo/videos on drop box automatically if activated? Here if anybody hack or have access to your account then the person can gain access about your personal information.

5.     Virus and hackers. 

Virus and hackers are almost the same thing. This is because virus is normal program written by hackers to disrupt or steal once information. How did android come in here? Android is on open source software (OS) so hackers write android apps (Apk) and send online.

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Once you download /install this application, it will not only‎ corrupt your Android smartphone but also steal all your information on the phone inform of codes. 

6.     Android security flows 

Android development stated from 2.0 to present 9.0 versions. But out of all this development unlike icloud account in Apple device, there is no android phone that is hackable or crackable, Android introduced many security measures like FRP (factory reset protection) face recognition, finger print, activation security, McAfce antiviruse security.

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Till this moment none of this security measures that cannot be hacked, bypass, reset and wiped. So one thing you don't know is that if your backup is activate, if your smartphone is lost or stolen. Chances are that the new users can have full access to your backup information. After flashing and restore.

7.     Voice activation.

Just as you type a word to search Google you can as well talk to search.
Voice/‎speech to text is another function of Android that we need to discuss. The function though not popular is not a good one. What is the secret behind this technology? Your voice is been converted to text, I think this function is for those that are handicap because it look like a flaw in technology.
Have you tried this one day?. If you say come Google will bring like 10 different kinds of possible words associated with come.


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