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5 signs to show that your phone is under virus attack.

5 signs to show that your phone is under virus attack.

Phone Virus attack

Most often we received this kind of complain. Look I have deleted everything in my phone including text messages and my phone is saying:- Insufficient or not enough memory delete..!. We use phone just like computer, everyday we take pictures, record sounds or videos, received message. We kept the good ones and delete the bad.
Have you ask your self what happened to the deleted pictures, videos, messages and text? They accumulate what we call cache. There is no dust-bin where you can carry them and throw away.

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Virus Signs of your smart phones.

1. Insufficient memory sometimes shows that your phone has been affected by virus or malware. Or you have accumulated cache storage and need to erase or flash. Remember that virus is just a program written by people to corrupt or disrupt a working program. They can also write it to steal your information. Hard rest can fix this type of problem

2. This is for Android users, have you open your apps from menu and notice some apps with green android signs. Most of the times you may not see it in menu but settings app manager. Either that you main apps have been changed to green signs or others apps with green signs have been added. 

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3. You have been using a particular phone for years and all of sudden you notice delay in booting or while opening app. Here most MTN phones may take 1 hour to boot. You have picked virus either through website or transfer of files. You need to flash or reprogram your phone. If you can just update it by yourself. Long booting n response of apps is not normal with phones. 

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4. Hanging or boot logo. Nokia suffers most here, either it hangs on white screen or it hangs and off. At this stage there is nothing you can do rather flashing. So your information is gone. Most android do same thing. They hangs forever on the company logo. When it comes to iPhone, it will not only hangs to network may disappear. Just get your phone flash before it breaks down finally. 

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5. Touch screen misbehaves. We have treated the case of touch screen here especially android touch. Most MTK or Samsung phones have this kind of problem. Have you noticed that once you on your data connection phone will start touching itself. If you show amateur technician in the street he will ask you to go and change touch screen. If the phones works normal without activating data, your problem is virus attack not touch screen. If your phone is refurbished type of android

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