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How group Admin of Whatsapp can lock the group messages

Check below how to can control whatsapp group as Admin

 How group Admin for Whatsapp can lock the group messages

Check How group Admin for Whatsapp can lock the group messages

Social media is gradually changing the way we live or behave. So people can deny themselves or two thing just to be on social Media stream. We started from 2GO, to Facebook, to Wechat, to Twitter, to Whatsapp and etc. Just as linkedin has pages and groups, facebook has pages and gruops, Twitter has groups. Whatsapp has introduced groups where people with like minds come to share issues together. 

As whatsapp introduced groups, it also introduced a security major where admin will control how and who sent messages to the group to avoid disturbing members. To do this:

1. Open Group Info.
2. Tap Group Settings 
3. End Messages.
4. From end messages select “Only Admins.” 

This option is only available to the latest and upgraded Whatsapp.
Other options includes group picture changing. Changing of group descriptions and setting the purpose of the whats group just as blog niche.
As this security tips has been introduced, so admins may use it as dictatorship governments.

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