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How to fix android camera problems

How to fix android camera problems

How to fix android camera problems

Camera not connectedCamera blunt or blurFront Camera working, back Camera not clearConnect to Camera failed, close some applications

When people shout android it seems like best phone, but iPhone battery has nothing to compare with. Which android d you use and what makes it special? I love BlackBerry android n Samsung,

The introduction of Android as an open market makes it easier for any company to produce an empty phone including those that clone and install android OS. But this doesn't stop here, how bright, sharp, quality other components connected to d phone itself is. Is the screen produced with Gorrila armored or filtered technology? Is the toch screen infused in the screen? Is the speaker filtered with bass?
What are the special thing about your Android smart phone?

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When we started using phone are main concern is about Camera brightness and battery strength. We love memories and good once. We keep it to see it again and again. So if we have a phone with bad camera or blunt camera we are not always happy.

Coming to business is your Android camera blurt or not as sharp as it used to be. You have tried every other means but no success, don't worry you solution is here. Just remove or change the lens cover as we did on the picture below.

How to fix android camera problems

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