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Glo and their endless network problems

Are you Glo network user, are you still wondering why you can't open some websites, "This site can't be reached" you think is network or the site problem? You are wrong is Glo endless network issues since 2014.

In Nigeria everything is possible. Abnormalities can be normal depending on who is blowing the whistle. Most often the commoners always suffer the pains why the rich goes free. 

Most of the companies that operate in Nigeria always use the poor sweat to water the middle-class. No matter how loud you shout, once it doesn't hurt the rich or government, your voice is as good as silent.

Another question that can give you curiosity is why the government don't pay attention when things are going wrong, but sometimes they are not to blame because wrong people are always in the right place.
If a lawyer is minister of power and Doctor is a minister of commerce what do you expect. 

 Let's go to the business of the day. Have you noticed that most times you called somebody on phone with Glo line, you airtime and phone will be counting but you won't hear the person. This is painful, but who will you report to? Sometimes ago Glo came up slashing their data, signing celebrities and sponsoring football not minding they have the most poorest network in Nigeria.

Glo network abnormality has becomes normal since 2014 where Glo can't open many websites till this moment.  Are you a new blogger or website owner, run away from Glo network once you buy domain for your blog, it will never open with Glo.  

It may sound funny that when you subscribe for Glo data plan and want browse Internet many websites won't open.
Check the report here nairaland - before writing this report I have tried using Glo in different part of Nigeria and same thing. 
When I called Glo, they claimed that they have not heard about this, below is our conversation.

Good Day,

Am a Glo user for many years and a blogger. I used enough data monthly.
Is surprising that Glo network have not noticed that many site cannot open if you are using Glo network to browse.
Am using Blackberry Z3 to serve as server to all my computers through hotspot.
There are many site Glo doesn't open, I thought the problem is from my BB but when I used moderm is the same thing.
I called Glo to alert them, then someone at help-desk gave me this email requesting for screenshot for prove. Below are some screenshot.

Glo and their endless network problems
Glo and their endless network problems

Glo and their endless network problems
Glo and their endless network problems

Glo and their endless network problems
Glo and their endless network problems

​These site and others can never open with Glo network data plan.
Many people online have complained same thing like this thread

And other complains on google.

3g Support answer
May 28
Dear Sir/Ma, We refer to your mail below. 
We refer to your mail below.
In a bid to review your complaint, we request that you kindly write back with the following information to enable us assist you further;
·        Exact Location (Street name, address, landmark etc.).
·        Your number
·        Network signal showing on your phone.

We await your response., ...
1knews 1kTV <>
May 28to 3g
Thanks for the reply.
Glo network problem has nothing to do with location
Presently Location:  Rivers State.
Number: 080XXXXXXX
Network H+
Before I called, I did a research. I traveled to Enugu, Kogi, Abuja and Lagos same problem .
Go check online others are complaining same thing.

3g Support answer
May 29 (13 days ago)
to me
Dear Sir/Ma,

We refer to your mail below and we empathize over the issue experienced on your line.
We write to inform you that your complaint has been forwarded and is being investigated. You will be contacted as soon as we have a feedback.
We regret any inconvenience caused.
For further enquiry:
Kindly call our 3G helpline on 444(from 3G enabled lines) /08070140444(chargeable) or send us a mail for a speedy response.
You may also ‘Like’ us on , have a chat with us on  or join us on Google+ (Gloworld).
Thank you for using Glo 3G HSI. Have a wonderful day.
*You don’t wish to share your subscription but want a loved one to enjoy data access; with Glo Data Gifting, it's now easy! Simply gift a plan to the recipient by dialling *127*Data Plan Code*Recepient's number# or text Gift<space>Recepient's number via SMS to 127*.

Best Regards,

Glo 3G HSI Helpdesk

Customer Care
Globacom Ltd
Sr No: 1-5715831788
rom: 1knews 1kTV []
Sent: Monday, May 28, 2018 7:34 PM
To: 3g Support
Subject: Re: Glo can't open several websites

The solution is simple change your Glo line, tell all your fans to do same and spread this message to help bloggers, if you are bloggers you know d meaning of traffic.

In summary the problem is still on. Glo network subscription data can not open around 80%  of blog platform websites. Glo Customer Care says any time you want to open any site call 444.

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