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Nokia 303 off or restarts with SIMCARD

Nokia Asha 303 power off when sim card inserted but works without sim card

Although this particular phone Nokia asha 303 is a little bit old but the particular problem off or restarts when simcard inserted remain unsolved until we got the permanent solution. You have tried several things to a stage that you decided to drop the Asha 303.

Today we are bringing you solution to Nokia Asha 303 off when sim in inserted.

Zamdtek is not responsible for any damage done to your phone during repair. Care should be taken to avoid removing others components close to the one you want to change or replace. Handle rework station with care because it can damage anything even your skin.

Did your Nokia 303 water damaged or stop accepting sim?.

How to repair Nokia 303 power off with Simcard

Step 1

Ø Get your screw-driver ready.

Ø Get your Rework Station.

Ø Get you soldering iron.

Ø Get your soldering lead.

Ø Loose or disassemble the phone.

Ø Remove or detach the battery.

Ø Check for water damage and clean up the panel.

Ø Replace or put the battery and try power the phone.

Ø If you problem is not solved.

Ø Switch on your Rework Station and remove/change this component. 

Nokia 303 off or restarts with SIMCARD

Nokia 303 off or restarts with SIMCARD

Step 2

If you have followed the step 1 above instructions carefully and your Nokia 303 is still going off if the sim is inserted then use this 100% solution,
But in most cases this happens with refurbished Nokia 303.
1. charge your battery.
2. Insert the battery and power the phone.
3. Go to setting>connection>network.
4. Change the 3G to 2G.

Your problem is solved.

Nokia 303 off with sim solution

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