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Itel 1701, itel 1702 power & hot solution

The choice of android you buy sometimes depends on your budget. But in most cases it depends on the ore you preferred or what someone recommended for you.

Itel 1701, itel 1702 power and hot solution

This is not always the case because if you want to buy a phone, think of the durability not affordability. This is because a smart phone you buy for $8 that can last for 4 years is better than the one you buy for $5 that can only last for one year.

That you have a new phone doesn’t mean it will not be faulty. Zamdtek is always here to help you rectify any fault you have with your phone or computer.

Today we are bringing you a solution to Itel 1701 or itel 1702 that discharges battery quickly, feel hot to touch or is totally dead.

Zamdtek is not responsible for any damage done to your phone during repair. Care should be taken to avoid removing others components close to the one you want to change or replace. Handle rework station with care because it can damage anything even your skin.

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Did your Itel 1701 or itel 1702 tab water damage or can’t power?
It doesn’t vibrate or not display anything or screen or LCD. Have you tried flashing and no response? Just like Samsung Galaxy 2 power solution, Itel Tab can’t connect to PC or not charging.

How to repair Itel 1701 power problem

  • Get your screw-driver ready.
  • Get your Rework Station.
  • Get you soldering iron.
  • Get your soldering lead.
  • Loose or disassemble the phone.
  • Remove or detach the battery.
  • Check for water damage and clean up the panel.
  • Replace or put the battery and try power the phone.
  • If you problem is not solved.
  • Switch on your Rework Station and remove/change this RAM.

Itel 1701 power & hot solution

This particular problem according to the owner was cause by wrong charger/adapter. When it was brought the marked ic can only feel very hot when you connect charger. The phone couldn't boot. After changing the ic the Itel 1701 boot normally and no hotness again.

If you get it, your problem is solved.

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Unknown said…
where can i get this ic apart from another device of the same model....and more over is gionee m5mini using the same ic with this having six legs on the four angles?
zamdroid said…
Depends on you location.
You can buy them in market.
Or look for the ic number in another phone panel
Unknown said…
I'm from lagos in Nigeria. ..please how can I get this exact ic but the one for gionee m5 mini...please your reply will be highly appreciated ....and moreover do you have any chatting WhatsApp and the rest so I can get in touch with you more effectively. ..
zamdroid said…
Yes I have whatsapp.
Use our facebook zamdtek page