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Starting a blog as a blooger in 2018


Blog is a google hosted kind of website being controlled by google company. People use blog just like every other social media networks. They use it to air their views, show how creative they are and to circulate information to wider audience.

Unlike wordpress and other website platform, blogger is being regulated by the Google body therefore there are some things you are not expected to use it for.

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Why do we blog blogging?

When some people hear *blog* the next thing that ring in their head is *money*.

Is blogging supposed to be all about money? The answer is *No*. Blogging suppose to be about passion and desire you have to bring out potential in you.

Blog suppose to be a medium where you showcase to the wider world about your goods and services.

What you need if you want to blog

1. A unique name.

2. Well sited open office.

3. A long-lasting battery notebook/laptop computer.

4. Pen, pencil and a big notebook or jotter.

5. A conducive environment for writing.

6. At least two good smart phones with sharp camera.

7. You have to employ workers.

8. You have to signup many social media platform with your unique name.

9. You need some cash for buying of data and running adverts.

Is time to kick off with your idea that is not common online. Don’t saturate already filled www with copy and paste instead come up with your original content!

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