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How to get google adsense approval within two weeks in 2018

You have started blogging, and you have been told that is only google adsense that can support you financially, if you are able to run their ads on your blog.

There are other alternative ads companies but google adsense is more reliable and trusted.

How to get google adsense approved in blog

Ask any blogger he will show a replied message in his inbox before he got adsense approval that starts with:-

Unfortunately …….your application has been rejected……………. 

a. Difficult site navigation...

b. Insufficient content ....

c. Unoriginal content ....

d. Site not comply with adsense policy.

And so on 

Rejected google adsense message

What to do after getting disapproval message

This type of message (rejected message) should not be the end of your blogging life rather the begging.

For instance when you get reply about insufficient content, you should add more original content instead of copying other people posts.

How I got mine blog approved with google adsense

When I entered into blogging, I went in because of passion not quick money making. I started blogging because my king of blog is missing in blog atmosphere.

Many people blog about daily news, most of their article being copied and fabricated. I avoided this by being unique with unique contents. All my posts and article are mine:- what we do in workshop and what I sit, think and write.

I believe in myself and my creativity. When I applied for adsense I got rejected because of insufficient contents. I added up to 25 posts. I reapplied and I got rejected again because of insufficient contents. This second insufficient contents is where many people get it wrong. This is not about the number of posts in your blog but individual post content.

A blog post content must be at least 300 or above organized written words. I went back to individual post cross check the words and the sentence organization. I re-organized and complete all the posts, categories, pages, articles, and labels. After that I applied for google adsense and got approval.

approved adsense message

Many people said that without buying domain name your blog won’t be approved:- this is not true.

Others suggested that your theme and design with be excellence before approval. The truth is that your decoration has nothing to do with google adsense approval. 

Connected adsense with site

I have helped others get their adsense approved within short time. You can ask your question.

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