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How to flash Nokia asha 302 RM-813 and download flash file

The post show you how to flash Nokia 302 RM-813.

How to flash Nokia asha 302  RM-813

Caution: This particular Nokia has a problem of corrupt file, can't show text messages and miss calls. You can flash only the image file

Most causes of Nokia phone flashing

  1. Water damage is a major factor for Nokia phones to not coming on.
  2. Memory problem, here as you keep on installing applications and download different file, a time will come when the cache will be filled up.
  3. Hitting or falling on Hard object:- when you phone drops is either is gone or need repair, where flashing is one of them.
  4. Installing a wrong or corrupt file or application.
  5. Flashing  a Nokia phone with wrong Nokia file, this may cause corrupt imei.
  6. Insert of corrupt or affected memory card.
  7. Receiving corrupt file through bluetooth.
  8. General software corrupt. 

What you need to flash Nokia 105 RM-908

  • Nokia software updater.
  • A working computer.
  • Nokia USB cable.
  • A working Nokia Battery charged to about 80%.
  • Nokia connectivity driver.
  • Nokia BB5 drivers.
  • Nokia flashing Box like ATF Box or JAF Box etc

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How to Flash Nokia 302 RM-813

  1. Open the ATF box or any other flashing Box computer interface.
  2. Connect your Nokia 105
  3. Remove the battery
  4. Load the firmware
  5. Choose flash
  6. Insert the battery
  7. Press the power button shortly.
  8. If it gets connected the drop the phone gently.
  9. give it some time for flashing to complete.
  10. Disconnect you phone from computer
  11. Power the phone
  12. Setup up you phone if flashing was successful otherwise you flash again.

Download Nokia 302  RM-813 flash file here.

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