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Nokia 1280 or Nokia 103 hot or discharges battery solution

How to repair Nokia 1280 hot or discharges battery.

Many a time’s phones develop one fault or the other but we seek for the solution. We bring to you the simple way to fix Nokia 1280 or 103 that discharges battery or feel hot.

Remove these components and run light jumpers

How to repair Nokia 1280 hot or discharges battery.

What you need to fix Nokia 1280 or Nokia 103 that is hot

A good working common sense very important.

A complete set of phone screw drivers.

Working digital or analogue meter.

A rework station in case you want replace an ic.

A sharp blade to scratch the point you want to solder.

A good working soldering iron and soldering paste.

Connecting wires or use old handsfree wires.

A little technical skill.

Check the diagram or picture very well.

Steps on how to repair Nokia 1280 or Nokia 103 that is Hot
Loose or disassemble the Nokia 130.

  • Carefully remove Nokia 130 cover.

  • Use cleaning fluid to clean the China phone.

  • Scrap the points according to the picture.

  • Use your connecting wire to short or join the points together.

  • Ensure that your soldering iron is hot and has a good tip.

  • Test the continuity with meter of the point you just join together.

These solutions may help you

Test the Nokia 1280 or Noki 103 hot solution before you tight or assemble the phone back

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