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how to configure mini Laptop to display full main Laptop screen

When it comes to buying laptops, we have different choice. The choice may be price, look, configurations, size, battery life and etc.
Which ever one is your comes with pros and cons. You may be saying that the persons with mini laptop has no CD-ROM drive, but the guy with mini laptop will say that his battery last longer.

The most different between normal  laptop(Notebook) of 15" and mini laptop(Notebook) of 10" depends on the LCD/screen display. You may get the same resolution but the display size are not same. When you use mini laptop you find out the some characters are hidden.

Here, we have decided to show you the easiest steps you can use turn mini Laptop to normal laptop.

Step 1. Open your Window Run and type this command  regedit

Step 2  It will take you to Registry Editor.

Step 3 Why on registry editor interface click search and type this Display1_DownScalingSupported.

mini laptop display

mini laptop display

Step 4 When Display1_DownScalingSupported appears, then you look for the binary value and change.

Step 5 Right click on the Display_DownScalingSupported and select modify binary value.

Step 6 Change the value from 0 to 1. 

As this stage you have succeeded in changing the display scale, Click ok and save the settings. Then go to the desktop and right click. Look for screen resolution and you will see more display options. Select your choice and your mini laptop display the full frame of normal laptop.

Ask if you don't understand.

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