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Cyclone Box and Flashing

Cyclone box is a powerfull computer interface device just like Miracle Box and Volcano Box which is used to flash, unlock, repair, hash read, and recover Nokia phones. It can also be used for unlock BlackBerry network code.

Cyclone Box

Cyclone flashing Box

Checking the image above you can see that Cyclone Box has two RJ45 female port;
one is used to the box repair
and the other is used for connecting Nokia phones through FBus.
The yellow cable on top of the box is used when you work with the BB5 mobiles.

How to Use Cyclone Box for flashing

  1. Buy the box.
  2. Activate the box with your email address.
  3. Make use of Jaf cable or buy UFC4.
  4. Lets unlock a nokia with Cyclone Box.
  5.  Before the unlock, make PM back-up and rpl from phone.
  6. Then click on unlock.. for the old sl1 just PM back-up and Thick Skip SP info.
  7. I always thick repower on boot and I leave all the others tasks as they are.
  8. Then go back to common option and select full factory reset.
  9. Your Nokia phone has been reset to factory settings.

Other ways Cyclone Box can be used to flash Nokia phone

  1. Lets us flash a DCT4 Nokia.
  2. select the particular phone FBus cable.
  3. Then remove the yellow cable from Cyclone Box.
  4. Go to download section and download the particular Nokia phone flash file and the latest version no mistake.
  5. Extra the flash file to get
follow the picture direction below

Cyclone Box Flashing

Add MCU file on the first arrow
Add PPM file on second arrow
Add CNT(image) file to the third arrow
Then click the write button and wait for the flashing to be completed.
Cyclone Box can unlock BlackBerry foreign network code. It can repair dead Nokia window mobile Smartphone. It can also unlock Sony Xperia 10 network code.

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