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How to transfer files from android to PC without cable

How to transfer files from android to PC without cable.

Today we are going to introduce to you another method which you can connect your android phone to computer without any USB. 

Just as we gave you a solution of android imei repair without pc. We also showed you how you can turn your android into computer. We continue to breakdown those technology that you feel is complex.

If you can remember how to remote your device with your phone through bluetooth. You can also transfer files from your phone to your computer through bluetooth. But this method has disadvantage of time wasted when transferring a large file.

As technology advance we continue to see easier life through technology like introduction of Flashshare and xender. Although Xender can be used to transfer files from android to computer but we a have a powerful and simple app called airMoore

airmore connect android to pc without USB

How to use AirMore

  1. Use google play store and download airmore to your android.

  2. Turn on your android and pc WIFI.

  3. Type or launch airmore from their website.
 airmore connect android to pc

  • Open AirMore app on your android phone.

  • Press scan to connect on your smart phone.

Select your Android in Radar on the web. A notification window will pop up on your Android, requesting to connect. Click “Accept”.

                                                 AirMore connect android to pc

Transfer Photos

When the two devices are connected, choose “Pictures” icon.
Select an item or  photos you would like to transfer and click “Export”.

Caution: If you select less than three photos, they will be downloaded separately. If you select three or more, they will be compressed into a zip file.

AirMore connect pc to android

Please stay glued because we are just starting.

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