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How to flash Blackberry 10 with

How to flash Blackberry Z10, Q10, Priv etc with this error message:


Almost every smartphone has one problem or the other. Ranging from corrupt software, apps, os, nternal system etc to displaying a particular error on LCD.

The emergent of blackberry 10 os known as BB10 has a close edge to normal android phone. These sets of phones that is BB10 can run both blackberry and android apps.

Apart from that the phone:- BB10 comes with some issues that the os can just corrupt. This may be cause by hard reset of virus attack. Whatever way we always here to help you out of the trouble.

BB 10 error display solution solution


What to do when you see this information on your BB10 screen.

  1. Download BBlink software or download BB10 drivers of the PC os you are using.

  2. Install the drivers on your PC.

  3. Download autoloader of your BB10 e.g. if your BB10 is Z10 the autoloader must be Z10.

  4. But not only Z10 autoloader unless you are using universal autoloader like Q10-Q5 autoloader.

  5. So you have to open the BB10 battery and check the information below the battery.

  6. Here, you will see something like STL100-1, -2, -3 or SQN100-1,-2,-3. So if your BB10 is STL100-1, the autoloader you will dowbload must be STL100-1 autoloader.

  7. After downloading, save the file on a location you can remember.

  8. Connect your BB10 to PC with USB, wait for drivers to install.

  9. Open your autoloader and grab your paper as you wait for the operation to complete.

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