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How to fix Nokia E63 not charging

Fixing Nokia E63 not charging or charging stop may be easy if you see this.

After some research it was discovered that the solution posting about Nokia E63 not charging online is wrong. Many people say that if this Nokia E63 is showing Not Charging  all you need to do is to change the resistor near the mic.

They said the value of this resistor is 47K. You can only get this wright if you already have a scrap of Nokia E63 where you can remove and fix the faulty one. If not no way this problem can be fixed.

When we read the actual value of that resistor we found this. Check the picture below.
Nokia E63 not charging

This is the actual value of the resistor 34k or 37k not 47k.

So to fixed Nokia E63 not charging. 

Check around for scrap of any Nokia phone.

Use your digital multimeter and look for a resistor with the above value in the picture.

Use you rework and replace the resistor.

Nokia E63 not charging

Your problem is solved.

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