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How to change Lumia Window 7 & 8 language

How to change Windows Smart phone language

Sometimes you can be playing with your to an extent that you enter where you cannot return back. For instance when you mistaken change your Windows Lumia smartphone from English to China language. A big problem because you need a Chinese interpreter to return it back!

Don't bother much somebody ask this question and below comes the answer to his question. But if understand the two Languages no problems.

Step 1 enter your smart phone Menu

Step 2 swipe to right

Step 3 go to setting gear sign

Lumia winindow 8 language

Step 4 select the setting gear and count from 1 to 4 down since is on Chinese language. Then choose the language.

Lumia winindow 8 language

Step 5 Choose your choice Language. Press ok and wait for the Samrt windows phone to Restart.

Lumia winindow 8 language

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