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Android Phones and screen touch problem

Android Phones and screen touch problem

Many people ask these questions:

  • Why my android phone touches itself?

  • My android touch is broken will it stop working?

  • Why is the centre of my android lcd touch not working?

  • There is no physical damage to my android touch screen, why is not responding?

Android touch screen problem

How will I know if touch screen that is bad is, or virus is making my android touch to malfunction?

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Some tips that can help answer your questions

As there are different types of android phones so also many types of android touch screen and lcd. Many manufacturers come with their own type of technology when it comes to LCD resolution and touch sensitivity.

That is why when you see some android screen/lcd they look sharper, brighter and clearer than others.

It should be noted here that sometimes the price of android phone depends on the technology involved in production. For instance, Samsung Galaxy P51000 and Samsung Galaxy S4 are not same when it comes to screen resolution.

Coming to the point in question, many factors can cause an android to malfunction.

  1. Virus attack or app corrupt

This is one of the major factors that can cause android touch screen not to respond. In most cases this particular problem can easily be detected.

Check if your shows something like

Unfortunately android app has stopped working

unfortunately …!android has stopped

Turn on data connection and see if apps will popup to install automatically.

Check Menu and see if many apps have been added automatically especially porn apps.

If you see any of the three signs above then android has been affected with virus/malware or your software is corrupt.

         2. Touch screen damage or crack

Note: Software can cause touch screen to stop working eg if you flash itel 1556 plus with wrong pac file, the touch will stop work.

You may not notice a physical damage to the touch but the touch is not working. For instance Nokia Lumia can do this many at times. Just stop working without any trace of crack. Some touch can have physical damages but still work like Samsung S4.

So before you conclude that your android touch screen is not working. First of all flashing or upgrading the phone may fix it. Cleaning the touch clip or changing the clip also may fix it.

In case of Samsung some of the products only have screen and no touch.

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