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Nokia 210 Option, space, M & P keypad solution

Nokia 210 keypad or buttons solution.

When our phone malfunction we panic. We think is the end of the road for the phone in question. No that is wrong there is hope. You have to try some tricks before you give up. Below is Nokia 210 water damaged which Option, space, 9 & # button not working.

Follow the steps below as I show you how to fix Nokia 210 keypads problem.

  1. Disassembly the Nokia 210.

  2. Clean the phone panel with cleaner.

  3. Hit the panel gently with Rework Station.

  4. Hit the keypad ic with same Rework.

  5. Open the white inner keypad cover and check for dirt on the buttons.

  6. Power your Nokia 210 and see if all keypads are working.

  7. If no then follow the image below and make jumpers that is short the two keys according to the diagram.

Nokia 210 keypads or buttons jumper solution

Alas you are done!


When working with phone you must use sharp tools like Soldering iron, sharp blade, connecting wires, soldering paste and normal temperature Rework Station. To damage a phone is easy. Please always apply some cautions before proceedings. We will not be held responsible for any damage done to your phone.

The solutions we provide here will be most suitable for those that have some technical knowledge and can make use of their common sense. This is very important so that you can follow us as we break the mighty yolk of technology. We are different from others because we fix both hardware and software phone problems.

The knowledge of hardware in gsm phone will help you a lot some software especially when you must loose phone to connect RJ45 or direct USB to an android smart phone.

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