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Nokia 1280 and Nokia 103 insert sim solution

Nokia 1280 & 103 insert sim solution

Nokia is the most popular and common phone, owing to this, it can easily breakdown. This is cause may be by some liquid, fluid or dust that can cause some tiny components to start rusting. So becuase of this is always advisable to get small technical knowledge on how to fix your phones. lets discuss on how tp fix Nokia 1280 or 103 insert simcard.

Nokia 1280 and Nokia 103 insert sim solution

What you need for nokia 1280 & 103 insert sim solution

  1. Soldering iron

  2. Connecting wires

  3. Soldering paste and lead

  4. Set of screw drivers

  5. Common sense very important
Nokia 1280 and Nokia 103 insert sim solution

When you loose the nokia 1280 or 103 the first thing you do is to clean the panel or board of dirt, secondly observe the phone for physical damages, thirdly heat the panel lightly with rework station.

Next, follow the diagram carefully and connect the connecting wires with the help of soldering iron and soldering paste. Use your common sense to avoid causing more harm to the phone. If you follow the diagram you must fix your nokia 1280 or 103 insert simcard solution. If you miss any step go back and start afresh from the beginning.


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