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lenovo tab A5000 power solution

The emergence of all android has shown us that we have to go extra mile to find solution to all different types of android. 

Produced from dfferent companies. On this particular post we going to show show you the solution for Lenove A5000 power solution.

lenovo tab A5000 power solution

Most of inbuilt battery smarthphones have this particular problem of battery drained if left un-charged. If you pick up you Lenovo A5000 galaxy tab one day and it refuse to power on. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. Find screw driver.

  2. Gently unscrew the Lenovo A5000.

  3. Look for the battery connector according to the picture.

  4. Make use of your common sense.

  5. Find blade or sharp object.

  6. Scrap the battery terminal.

  7. Tap coonecting wires to the battery terminal.

  8. Coonect the wires to external charger.

  9. leave it for about 20 to 30 minutes.

  10. Check the battery voltage.
lenovo tab A5000 power solution

Ensure the connect neagtive battery terminal to battery negative

and positive battery terminla to battery positve.

lenovo tab A5000 power solution

If you follow the instruction above carefully, then your Lenovo A5000 smarthphone tab should be back to live. Remeber not to connect the battery terminal wrongly.


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