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How to repair Nokia 206 Insert sim

Nokia 206 insert sim problem


In this article we will show you the easiest way to repair nokia 206 that has insert sim problem. Nokia products and Nokia phones most of the times are more easier to work with owing to large number of users and the support online.

The first thing you do when you get Nokia 206 that write insert sim is to check the battery and check the sim inside the phone. As you may know that there is a particular glass ic that controls Nokia phone simcard display.

But most of the time we have to look for the alternative as this glass ic not only is not available always but require some expert to replace it. So what you have to do in this situation is to remove the glass ic and jump/short connecting wires according to the diagram.

Steps to fix Nokia 206 insert sim

  1.  Change the simcard and check.

  2. Change the the phone battery and check it.

  3.  Check or change the simcard iron jacket.

  4. Check and light heat the panel with remove.

  5. Also check the micro-controller ic.

  6.  Check for components rust.

  7. look for three connecting wires

  8. Remove the glass ic with rework station

  9. Make jumper on the removed ic surface.

If all the above precautions didn't work then grab your soldering iron, lead and connecting wares. Follow the picture above and make connections. The connection above must be done with carefulness. When you are working on how to connect glass ic legs, the legs are so tiny that you need a soldering iron with pencil or pin tip.This is the only way you can successfully connect the tiny legs on the panel.

Nokia 206 or any other Nokia phone with insert simcard problem can be taken care of if and only if you follow the above instructions line by line.

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