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How to find HP Slate HD 10, 8,7 P/N

How to detect HP Slate 10, 8, 7 & 6 HD product number

I got a bricked HP Slate 10 and was trying to flash it but how can I do this. I search all the way to get the S/N or P/N but of no avail. After succeeded in getting it I decided to put it down. So putting down will make things easier for you to see it without problem.

Always check our news at zamdtek for break down of difficult technology to ordinary people without technician no how to understand.  So I spent days checking online on how to discover the HP Slate 10 P?N& S/N but to no avail. As soon as I saw it I decided to pen it down for easy work for others.

How to find HP Slate HD 10, 8,7 P/N

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Unlike other phone product, you should be hoping to see the information about the product at the back.In HP slate it is different in the since that is very tricky to see the S/N and P/N which is needed to download the firmware from HP website.

Steps to discover HP Slate 10 8 6 S/N & P/N

  1. Search and check the HP slate tab.

  2. Check the HP Slate tab label.

  3. Then turn the  tab to see the phone edge.

  4. The S/N & P/N must be located along one of the HP Slate tab edge.

  5. You may need a magnifying glass to see this clear.

  6. Record or jot down the serial number and patch number because it will be used to download the stock ROM.
How to find HP Slate HD 10, 8,7 P/N

The process how this serial and patch numbers is embed on this HP Slate 10, HP Slate 8 and HP Slate 6 devices is called itching. Well itching is not common used in smart phone android device but this process is one of the best way to get a mark on device with cleaning.

Alas! the S/N and P/N are itched.

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