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How to Hard Reset itel it1403

Hard Reset itel it1403

Let me show you the trick used in itel it1403 hard reset

Step 1: Hard Reset with buttons

  • Turn off the phone

  • Turn on the phone

  • Immediately the phone on start pressing Vol- button

  • Continue until you see android sign

Select the wipe >>Yes with volumes and power button. Remember that after you loose everything you installed on the phone except the factory applications. You have to reinstall all the application including you google or email account.

Wait for the phone to reboot and do configuration.

Step 2: Hard Reset through flashing box with debbuging on.

I recommend Volcano box that is what I used for this
  • Connect the phone to pc

  • Check if debugging is on

  • Open Volcano box software

  • Connect To PC & Install Driver

  • Select FastBoot in Volcano Box

  • Select Wipe All

  • Now Run

  • If the phone is not rooted

  • you need to root the phone

  • Wipe the phone and wait for secs

You smartphone is now factory reset, configure the phone and enjoy

Step 3: Soft Reset through the phone menu

  • Most importantly open your gadget "settings" menu.

  •  Go to your "Security setting" or "Backup and Restore" settings.

Pick "factory data reset" alternative. Here you see a Ready message – "All information will be deleted from gadget memory, including your Google record, framework and application information, settings and downloaded applications." If you want to erase all information from your Memory card then select the"Format SD card" choice.

soft Reset itel it1403

  • Choose tap on "Reset phone" alternative.

  • Then tap on "erase everything".

  • Wait as the smartphone begins the resetting procedure.

After couple of minutes when resetting is finished your telephone will restart naturally. Presently your telephone will be set back to industrial facility default settings.

Don't forget to ask us. Most of the articles posted here have been tested in our work-shop.

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