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How to flash infinix X510 Hot 2 without USB

How to flash infinix X510 (Hot 2) without USB

Most of the time we got our android only charging but cannot connect to computer because the USB is bad. It should be noted that the used though contains five pin but only 2 are used for charging. The remaining two serves as tx and rx, the last one just idle.

Just follow as I show you how you can connect the kind of phone to your pc.

  1. Get a USB cord
  2. Cut the head that goes to phone
  3. Get lead, paste and soldering iron
  4. And make use of your common sense

Take a look at the picture below and make connections

flash infinix X510 without USB

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It may seems difficult but following the instruction and wire code you will get it right. Connecting the USB cable is one thing but the other is connect battery through the battery terminals as at this stage this Infinix is till open. so when you want to connect the battery, you can use the external power supply of 4.2V.

Lets go
  1. Connect the USB to computer.

  2. Open SP tool software or Infinix Flashtool

  3. Download the match scatter file.

  4. Select the scatter file and click download.

  5. After flashing teh infinix the phone may hang on logo.

  6. Then what you will do at this stage is to do hard reset.

  7. You repeat step 6 untill the Infinix boot normally.


Working with phone may not be easy as you think especially when you don't have an idea. Anything that has to do with loosing the and connecting wires must be done with extreme care. this is because either you pull a component or you short two components.

Zamdtek is not responsible for more harm or damage done to your phone during this process. We are always here to help. you can ask before you start.

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