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How to remove password of Vinovo HTC clone

Vinovo HTC Clone password

Many smartphone are there in the market where you have a freedom to choose which one you want. But buying is one thing and repairing is another thing. Many china clone phones come with different name and sizes. If don't be careful you will but a complete cloned china phone in the name of original. This particular phone in question look exactly like HTC.

The only that differentiate with HTC is that it has two sim card slot and makes unwanted noise when power on. Again looking at the picture it has a removable battery with Vinovo written inside the label. The battery also looks different from HTC battery. But looking at the front there is no different with HTC mini. That is just for that so check well before you buy if you are interested in buying original.

The implication of buying this kind of phone is that you may not see the parts in the market. And is not every technician that can help you fix this kind of phone if there is a problem.

Let me show you how to remove or read Vinovo HTC clone password.

Step 1

Open the phone and check the chip or processor is RDA

Step 2

Connect RJ45 cable to the text point if don't know how check my article on text point

Step 3

Read flash with with Miracle box in case something goes wrong

Step 4

Read the code and use it to unlock the phone.


Remeber that reset or hard reset of any phone will take it to factory default. Don't expect to see anything installed in the Vinovo HTC china clone to remain. This includes your contacts and messages, If anything go wrong reflash the phone. If you want the file inform me here.

You can request for the file or any other china flashfile

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