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How To repair Nokia 1202 1203 1661 keypads


1202 1203 5030 keypads problem

Do you have one of these old nokia 1202, 1203, 1661 and 5030 phones that is having keypads or buttons problem. Are you skilled in soldering, just bring it out let me show how to fix it. Before, a keypad ic must be change for it to work, but now you can do it without changing the ic.

I will take nokia 1202 for as a case study, the most common is when menu,  *, 0 and # keypads stop working. Just follow the instructions on the pictures bellow

1202 1203 5030 keypads problem[/caption]

following the pictures, just check the track that is not working and make a jumper or connect the track and the line.

lets connect menu, *,0, # from the keys to the board. the most important thing here is your common sense

1202 1203 5030 keypads problem

1202 1203 5030 keypads problem

just easy way

and result



Working with tiny ic contact point need ultimate careful and concentration. You have to make sure that the tip of you soldering iron is so tiny to drop lead on the Nokia 1202 or Nokia 5030 or Nokia 1661 tiny copper point. Ensure you have a thin connecting wires headsfree inner wires preferable. With this how have fix the Nokia 1202 keypad solution without changing ic.

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