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INFINIX Hot Note X551 power solution

INFINIX Hot Note X551 power solution

Well Infinix mostly androids have proved to be one of greatest china android in Nigeria market just because of long-lasting battery, wide screen and low price. It also has this uniqueness of battery lasting longer than other smartphone androids. Some people said that this is because the battery has a higher wattage than other batteries.

Recently, I discovered that most of in-built battery phone especially INFINIX tends to have issues if not frequently charged.  There is a  voltage at which the battery will be, the phone wont power unless the battery is removed and the voltage boasted.

Let show you how this is done, the is normally called battery boast am still wonder how the name came about. But in practical engineering some technicians use a common name whether is right or wrong to know a particular component. So is up to you to find out if this name is correct.

   Step 1

carefully loose the phone and unclip/remove battery flex.

INFINIX Hot Note X551 power solution

   Step 2

make these jumper according to the pictures below

INFINIX Hot Note X551 power solution

or this

INFINIX Hot Note X551 power solution

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Note: you must be careful while scrapping the flex to avoid cutting it.

Disclaimer: Am not responsible for any damage out your careless

With the help of connecting wires you can connect those two point to desktop/universal charger and charge for an hour. Or use 6V adapter and charge the battery separately.


Hardware problems:  the solution we posted here has been tested in our workshop. We don’t take any responsibility whatever if anything go wrong in cause of your own work . We repeat this and loud please do it at your own risk. You can ask us how.

Zamdtek are not associate with wireless organizations like infinix Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Lg,Motorola and some other and so forth Makers/Merchants .All trademarks are the property of the particular trademark owners.we simply give outlines to ponder and repairing reason.


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