How to root and unroot any android phone like MTK, SPD, Qualcom, intel samsung, Lg, Motorola, itel, Tecno, HTC, blackberry etc.

Samsung I8092 imei null repair and root

How to fix samsung I8190 imei null that can't make call or browse.

These days the way android get corrupt imei is alarming. Is still yet unknown what type of virus or software applications that cause this problem. Let me show you how to fix this problem in this particular smartphone. Some said that hard reset can cause imei to corrupt to turn to invalid shows null. In most cases is disappears entirely.

How to root Tecno M5 with Volcano Box

How to root tecno & mtk android with Volcano Box

Smart phones also know as android come with free google applications will only be utilized well if is rooted. There are many ways which this particular device can be rooted. Here we are going to discuss how to root it with Volcano Box. The good thing is that you can root & unroot some androids. But before you root ensure that you have backup your device firmware.
Steps on how to root android with Volcano Box

Tecno Y3 imei null or invald repair and root

How to repair Tecno Y3 imei null or invalid with Volcano Box

Tecno Y3 imei null or invald repair

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime G361h flashing and rooting

How to flash and root Samsung G361h with Miracle Box

Before we discuss how to root Samsung G361h is important you know the steps to hard reset the phone.

Hard Reset SAMSUNG G361H Galaxy Core Prime

Step 1:

Switch off your mobile phone by holding down the Power button for a short while

How to fix Tecno S3 invalid imei and root

Tecno S3 invalid imei

How to fix Tecno S3 invalid imei

Before we start we must check these things

Tecno P5 imei invalid repair and rooting

How to repair Tecno P5 imei invalid & baseband unknown

When you get an android with invalid imei.

The first thing you do is to
check the baseband

check the imei by dialing *#06#

check the root status

check the android version

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