Itel Android Hardware Solutions, USB, Hot, RAM, Power etc.

How to fix and Itel Android Hardware problems

1. Itel 1503 (It1503) Charging port

I know that as a technician you have come across many types of charging problems and their solutions, many of us have seen where a person use charger to remove the charging port, and also in the same process remove the charging port pin from the panel, making it difficult for engineers to fix it. Sometime technicians also do the same mistake but not with charger but with soldering iron, using it to remove all the charging pin.

Most phone users are careless and rough, can you believe it that someone used charger to remove her charging port

Just like my encounter with Itel 1503 whereby all the legs were pulled out of the panel, and they also broke the right hand side of the charging port holder making it not to balance on the panel. Just look at the image below (pics)

Without much waste of your time let’s get down to the solution, get all your apparatus ready and set.

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1. Loose the phone and bring out the panel

2. Get your connecting wires ready

3. Remove the camera you are going to see something just like the image below

4. Use your connecting wire and run just as shown on the image below 

Itel 1503 (It1503) Charging port

5. Replace the charging port

6. Make a connection as shown on the diagram below

7. Make sure all the above instructions are followed

8. Now plugin charger and remove battery, read the voltage v-bus and Gnd. If it reads couple the phone insert battery.

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