Google Find My Phone

Google Find My Phone

How to find your lost phone using google gmail address.

  1. Ensure you setup a gmail address before the phone got missing. 
  2. Ensure location is activated in the lost phone. 
  3. The lost phone must have internet connectivity otherwise the last used will be shown. 
  4. You must remember the email and password you used in the lost phone. 
  5. Login your gmail address and password in another phone. 
  6. Look for google account details activities.

7. Type in search bar Google find my phone or clock here.
8. You can also download an android app from play store and use.
9. There 2 things you can do when you find the phone
a) Locate the exact position
b) Or make it ring loud.

Finding and locating your lost phone is easy unless, it has been frp bypass.

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