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BlackBerry 10: How to Fix 'Connect to WIFI' and Bypass BB Id .

BlackBerry 10: How to Fix 'Connect to WIFI' and Bypass BB Id .
Welcome to this page here I'll show you how to bypass Blackberry that stuck on a connect to Wi-Fi.
Look at the screen you can see here that there is no NECT Button even though you are connected to Wi-Fi. Lets see How to fix this problem.
1. You have to charge your phone to about 70%.

2. Power on the BlackBerry BB  10.

3. Connect the phone to working WIFI or hotspot.

4. Boot the phone to where it display connect to WIFI and no NEXT Button only previous.

Download here

5. Tap/Press power button 3 times subsequently

See the Video Instructions for More

6. This will activate the Readers Mode on the phone.

7. Use two fingers and tap on the Screen twice as seen in the video above.

8. Once you see Connect To a Mobile Network, select SKIP button.

9. Wait for the Screen Reader to say SKIP, this takes time.

10. Once it say SKIP immediately tap below Connect to WIFI twice.

11. You will see a bop up screen with SKIP BlackBerry ID.

12. Tap on SKIP remember to always tap twice

13. You will see BlackBerry ID Interface, select SKIP again.

14. At this stage tap on Power Button 3 times to disable Readers Mode.
15. Follow the Screen and video instruction to finish the remaining

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