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How to use Digital Multimeter as a Phone Engineer

Today let me introduce you to Digital multimeter. As a phone technician or engineer, there are some basic things you suppose know or up grade to.
Digital Multimeter for phones

Digital Multimeter 
There are many types of meters ranging from analogue to digital multimeter.  Here, we're going to discuss how to use digital multimeter. This meter is designed to help engineers in their day to day activities. 

To use digital multimeter in phones:
1. The meter must be in a good shape. 
2. The battery inside the meter must be alive.
3. The buzzer must be normal to produce continuity test.
4. The probes must be functional and no leakage of voltage. 
5. The screen where the numbers display must be ok.
6. Avoid hitting the meter on or with hard object .
7. Be careful where using meter especially when testing AC voltage. 
8. Don't use the position to test DC or resistor and test AC to avoid damage to the meter.

As a phone engineer, there are three important places on digital meter that are important to you. 

This solution will help you.

1. The DC part as shown in the picture below. Always set this to 20.
This is used to test all phone batteries voltage. Make sure the red probe of meter goes to battery positive and black probe to battery negative. 
Use can also test USB charging pins output voltage when charger is connected.
In some cases, you can test battery connector output voltage with it if USB port is connected to charger.
In some phones, you can test the voltage signal on power keypad with this.

2. The buzzer or continuous part.
When you have issues with tracks or lines in phone, this area is used. For instance, you suspect a broken lines in panel or flex, use this for it. Let's assume you have a length of wire, but you're not sure for some reason this wire is still working. Use any of the two probes. Place one on one end and the other at the other end. If the buzzer sounds, then the wire is ok otherwise faulty.
You can read it trace keypad tracks, ic pin lines etc with this part.

3. Resistance part.
This place is also good for phone technician because there are many resistors in one phone panel. This side is being calibrated into different ohms. It helps you read resistors values 
If you a little bit advanced, you can use here to read continuity. If a wire is cut along the line, there will be no resistance value. 

There are other functions of digital multimeter like testing AC voltage, transistors, capacitors etc.

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