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Itle S11 Android Privacy Protection Password Reset and Remove

Itel Privacy Protection Password Reset

When it comes to SPD android phones it is not as easy as MTK to work with. It may sound funny but absolutely true that if you perform hard reset 100 time on SPD with Privacy Protection Lock it will still appear.
In this article we are going to show you how to reset Privacy Protection Lock 100% tested working.

1st Method.

1. Charge the phone battery.
2. Download Research Downloader or Factory Tool for SPD from here.
3. Download this Privacy Reset file from

Itel S11 Plus Reset file

4. Extract the tool and the file downloaded.
5. Open Factory Tool or Upgrade Tool and load the FRP File.
6. Connect your phone through USB cable to computer by holding Volume Down or Volume Up.
7. Click download button to run the file and give it time to finish.
8. When the flashing complete remove the phone and the lock is gone.

2nd Method. 

1. Charge your Android phone to about 80%.
2. Prepare your computer and ensure internet is working.
3. Go here and download your phone ROM file.
3. Extract the file after download.
4. Download Research or Upgrade Tool Downloader.
5. Open the Tool and load the pac file .
6. Power off your phone, Press and hold Volume Down or Volume Up, insert USB and connect to computer.
7. After successful flashing boot the phone immediately and perform soft Reset. Go to menu>>Settings>>Backup & Rest>>Factory reset.

After erasing the Privacy Protection Lock is gone.

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