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How to verify your Google Adsense Identity.

Every blogger dream is to get Google adsense approval. Google Adsense may no be a safe heaven, but having it gives you hope. 

How to verify your Google Adsense Identity.

Those that get the adsense approval with their website know what they wet through before the approval. 

When you site is approved the problem won't stop there because you need to get PIN from google and verification. Google want you to verify your account by id.

Do you see this? "Your ad units are not displaying ads because you haven't yet verified your identity". Is time for action.

Depends on the country but if you have international passport use it.

Follow these Steps to verify your adsense account identity. 

1. Get your Driving License, National ID or International Passport. In Nigeria you can use Voter's Card. 

2. Scan the ID and save it as picture in jpg or png format.

3. Download the scanned image to computer and save it.

4. Login in to your Google Adsense dashboard and click on verify now. See image below.


5. Click on Verify again and click Upload document. 

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6. Important! Press computer tap key to scroll down. This may be lapse from program.

7. Fill in your address details, make it match your Google Adsense payment address.

Done. Enjoy your money.

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