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How to unlock Samsung Sprint Network with app.

Samsung Sprint network unlocker works on Samsung Sprint phones like Samsung Note3, Samsung Samsung Note4, Samsung S5, etc. 

Samsung phone Sprint network unlock with app

This application doesn't work in USA network Carriers because all 4.4.2 and up modems has a hard lock on those sim cards.

If you want to unlock USA Network Carriers android phones then you have to downgrade it

To Use Samsung Sprint Unlocker app and unlock network, follow these steps:

  •  Download the the (SSU apk).
  •  Charge your Samsung phone to about 50%.
  •  Connect your phone to hotspot or WIFI as Simcard is not working yet.
  •  Hard Reset the phone if necessary.
  •  Transfer the application you download and install the app.
  •  Ensure you still have internet connections.
  •  Open the app and tap unlock.


Credit to csplayer

Download the Network unlock app here

File Type: apk SSU.apk

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