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BlackBerry Z3 version 10.3.3 blackberry protect id removal

BlackBerry Leap version 10.3.3 blackberry protect id removal

Blackberry 10 tight their security issue after 10.3.3 update that is almost impossible to bypass or remove the anti-theft. The people that does this charge high. Chimera tool that also do it, it can cost from $10 to $50 dollars.
BlackBerry protect or id remove on 10.333 version. Blackberry or security protect ls just like android frp and apple icloud.  When BlackBerry series came out it was promising that is giving to use android features. Although most of them can run android application but not all application are compatible with BlackBerry 10. 

The lapse of phone most times is how strong is the security. In Blackberry 10 android series we have Blackberry protect (Anti-theft) that will require you to enter your Blackberry Id email address and password after reset.

Like android and iphone that require google account and icloud account used on the phone before the phone reset, Blackberry uses protect id -antitheft. 

When you set up your Blackberry after buying in order to download any application or have access from "appstore" or "blackberry world" it requires blackberry id. You must create an id or sign in existing one. This id you have entered serves as a security protect called antitheft if the phone is being reset. 

To remove the blackberry id on blackberry Z3 just fellow the below steps and withing few minutes, the antitheft is gone. 

Step 1- charge your phone battery to around 80%. 

Step 2. Create blackberry id with computer or another phone in case if you don't have one. 

Step 3. Install Blackberry link (bb link-download online) to get blackberry drivers. 
Step 4. Download and install the lastest bb autoloader (version 10.3.3).

Step 5. After installation of the autoloader, try and boot the blackberry to enter id screen( you need wifi or hotsport for this). 

Step 6. Download and install chimeral Tool, this tool gives trial period of 30 days. Chimera Trial and used their downgrade solution and installed the autoloader os. This will blink the phone with red light. Again installed Download link here. The phone will continue the red light. Your  aim is to remove the BB id. Finally downloaded the autoloader. This time your bb id is gone. 

Step 7. To confirm this reset -wipe your blackberry and enter or create fresh blackberry ID account.

Method 2 

Step 1. Ensure your phone battery is charged. 

Step 2. Ensure bb drivers is install in your computer. 

Step 3. Download autoloader 10.3.3 2049 file and install on your bb device.

Step 4. Boot your phone and connect to wifi or hotspot. 

Step 5. Create bb id if you don't have. 

Step 6. Enter the bb id you created in the phone. When you enter each one, it will say wrong or error user name/password. Repeat it for about 15-20 times. 

Step 7. After entering the id many times connect wifi then setup the device. Restarts your phone and bb id is gone, if this doesn't work use method 3.

Method 3

1. You need to downgrade your phone be careful because it can brick your phone. 

2. Below are antitheft removal files. Note that most of them are universal. That Q10 antitheft removal can work on Q5, Q10 and Z10. 

3. Download according to name and flash your Blackberry 10 android series.

4. After downgrading upgrade it back to 10.3.3 and antitheft is gone.

Passport Anti theft removal SQW100-1/2/3 10.3.1 Download

Q5 Anti theft removal SQR100-1/2/3 10.3.1 Download

Q10 1Anti theft removal SQN100-1/2/3/4/5/6/7 10.3.1 Download

Z10 Anti theft removal STL100-1 10.3.1 Download

Z10 Anti Theft Removal STL100-2/3/4 10.3.1 Download

Z30 Anti theft removal STA100-1/2/3/4/5/6 10.3.1 Download

Z3 Anti theft removal STJ100-1/2 10.3.1 Download

You can also use this below autoloader.

Download autoloader security cracked here (Although is written Q10 autoloader but it work for blackberry versions)

In case of brick download file here and reflash. is not responsible for your phone damage. Take your own risk!

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