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Chrome to Block Ads: The Evil Effects of this Move by Google

Chrome to add ads blocker comes 9th July 2019. Like when Google removed google+ and stopped using gmail inbox, in economics that is what they call evil effect of monopoly. Google acts and does things without users consultations since is two-men business.
Google line of thinking most times is one-way traffic. Is like Google is being self-centered and selfish. 

Global Better Ads Standards. Google Chrome will support the...


Recently, Google circulated message telling people to come 9th July is will introduce adblocker. I can't remember when google seek public opinion whether to add ads blocker on Chrome. 

Chrome is property of google so it use it the way it likes. The warning goes to publishers to comply with the warning or fulfill their adsense. Chrome will either block ads, filter ads or blog a publisher that refuse to adhere to their conditions.

As you already know operamini uses adblocker that blocks other ads expect their own ads.
The only means or revenue where serious bloggers who works day and night sustains themselves is through ads.

If Chrome just like Operamini uses ads blocker, how will these bloggers earn a living? How will they sustain their business? Am afraid to say that this will not only create hardship for bloggers but will make online materials expensive. 

You don't expect somebody that spends $50 monthly to maintain a blog to continue serving good contents while you enjoy it for free with your ads blocker.
As clearly started by Google 

Global Better Ads Standards. Google Chrome will support the Better Ads Standards globally from July 9th. Ads may be filtered on Chrome browsers if you don't comply with the standard......

If google Chrome goes ahead this, many alternatives to adsense companies will be throw out of their business. 

Lets calculate how ads earnings work.

One of my blogs get 6~10k traffic daily. About 3 ads per a page.
There for 10000x3=30000 impression without ads blocker.
If pay per impressions stands at 0.001, then 1000=$1 (1000x0.001)
10k=$10 and 30000=$30.

Sadly because of adsblocker the impressions is around 2k.
This is sad, if google chrome introduces ads blocker then the impressions will go down to 700 or less.

See the money an average blogger loss to ads blocker. 

Check this Solution Earnings at risk - One or more of your sites does not have an ads.txt..

Although I don't support annoying ads but bloggers have to pay some bills and alternative adsense ads like propellerads should stay in business.
Below are those ads chrome adsblocker are going to filter:- pop up, presistial, half screen, cover screen, sticky ads, auto video, ads that loads before contents etc. See image below

Chrome Ads Filter


Bloggers is time to look else where to make money or compel your users to pay on donates. Programmers should write a program that will make a user to Block ads and Block contents. Alternative google adsense ads companies should either create a friendly ads experience or block Chrome from serving their contents.

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It will do more harm than good