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Blog Contents Marketing: Ultimate Approach

Blog Contents Marketing: Ultimate Approach

Content marketing is a method used for creating and distributing relevant valuables and consistent content to retain your audience. 

How does blog comes in here? going through the definition, if a blogger blogs on a particular niche his aim is to create an original contents to retain his audience. 

Blog Contents Marketing may be define as a process which a blogger applies to create a content for marketing. 

In order to create Blog Contents Marketing you need some tools and capital start up if you want a larger scale. These includes Smartphone, Computers, Office Location, Amount of audience, Traffic. 

In blog they say content is the king. This is true but producing original contents is not the only thing rather marketing. 

What is marketing? They said if you don't tell us where you are, we can't find you. When you market your article you are creating awareness that somebody somewhere like you exits. Do contents marketing has to come in here. 

If you blog for business, you need a revenue and profit also. These will help with expenses. Some people called this an arbitrage in blogging - meaning that if you add $3 to market your articles, you are expected to make $5 where $2 is the profit.

In larger scale it goes more than arbitrage to Blog Contents Marketing. If you search google you will see [ad] meaning that the writer boost his article through adword.

Lets calculate how you market your blog.

1. What you spend on data.

2. Domain purchase.

3. Hosting if WordPress.

4. Office rent and renewal.

5. Workers payment and services.

6. Computers, Phone and Modem.

7. The amount of time in payment.

8. Plugin payment and other subscription.

9. Advert on adwords, Facebook, twitter etc.

10. The public awareness.

If the estimate of what you spend in blog is $2 and you make $2 daily from ads. Then you are blogging for passion and exchanges money.

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