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Samsung Galaxy on5 hot and discharge battery solution.

Samsung Galaxy on5 hot and discharge battery solution.


The users of Samsung Android phone should agree with me that the most common issues with Samsung is battery. In African Countries where power outages is common. Phones with lasting battery find their way in high demand.
Most of you Samsung Android phones suffer battery drainage. If Samsung will find a lasting solution to their battery problem the demand will increase tremendously.

Even Samsung Galaxy J2 core I bought not quiet long has fast battery drainage.

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Sometimes the battery that discharge faster on phone makes it feels hot it's not just normal. If you are using Samsung Galaxy On 5 and all of a sudden it started feeling hot and drain battery faster. This is not normal as I'm going to show you how to solve this problem.

How to fix Samsung On 5 hot and charge

1. Charge the battery of the phone

2.  Disassemble or loose the phone. 

3. Power the workstation. Power the workstation and select square mouth. 

5. Get your picker from GSM tools.

6. Get Samsung 1200y scrab and locate the charging IC.

7. From the picture below replace this charging IC from old Samsung 1200y.


8. If you can get the charging IC make the jumper as seen in the picture above.

It is assumed that if the charging IC of this phone is bad then it will be pumping or regulated pub voltage to the phone which makes the phone feels hot.

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