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China phone earpiece hands free sign 100% solution.

This is a major problem with China phones. Earpiece sign on the phone screen. Hands-free display on the screen. You see hands-free sign on the screen but hand-sfree is not connected. Earpiece mode activated without earpiece. This problem cause the phone neither to ring nor speaker working.

What you need to repair China phone hands-free sign.

1. The phone with earpiece sign on the screen.

2. Hot Soldering iron.

3. Soldering paste and lead.

4. Connecting wire for short circuit.

5. Rework Station if you have one.

6. A working brain and place.

7. Power supply.

See Nokia c1-01 all keypad solution here.

How to remove earpiece sign from China Phone.

1. Loose you China Phone. 

2. Locate the handsfree and carefully remove with Rework Station. 

3. Use soldering iron and cut put connecting wire of some length. 

4. Solder or tap one side of connecting wire to V+ battery. See picture below.

5. Use d other end of wire and start short each point of handsfree port. See image below.


6. As you connect or short the 2 point you test the phone.

7. Continue testing until the 2 connection works. 

8. Reconnect your handsfree port and power the phone. 

9. You can also make this jumper below.

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