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Infinix Zero X555 clone SPD Chip FRP Google account reset.

Infinix Zero X555 clone SPD Chip frp google account reset.

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Download Android FRP reset Tool Here


Zamdtek is not responsible for any damage done to your phone during with this Tool. This program has been tested successfully with Kimfly android 6.0 and Infinix Zero X555. So using it in any other android is your choice.

FRP bypass and google account reset on Infinix Zero X555 SPD Power clone android

1. Charge your Infinix Zero X555 power android to about 80%

2. Get your computer and USB cable ready.

3. Download and install USB Debugging driver from here

4.  Download, extract and open Android Fastboot Reset Tool

5.  Select according to your device chip like SPD.

6. Put your SPD android phone in Fastboot Mode by

             Turn off the phone

             Hold Volume Down and press Power button briefly

            Once the phone boots to Fastboot Mode, select bootloader with power button

7. Connect your SPD android to computer using USB cable.

8.  From the image below, Press 1 on Computer keyboard, tap any key to continue, Press 9 to

     remove  your SPD FRP.

9. If everything  is ok your phone will rest shortly and FRP gone.

All SPD android FRP Reset Tool and file download

Credit goes to MrSolution for the tool.

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