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How to Root android phone Version: 6.0, 7.0, 7.1.1, 7.1.2, 8.0, and 8.1.0

Rooting Android phones: the best way to root latest Android phones

There are many advantages of Rooting Android phones and it is a two way thing, you can root and also unroot android phone anytime. One of the advantages of rooting include installing non compatible app. There are also interesting app that require you to root phone before it will work. Rooting will enable you flash or write custom/unofficial Rom.

Rooting in Samsung phone will enable network unlock.

Rooting in some Android will enable frp /Google bypass.

There are many ways to root Android phone like

1. Using of flashing box: z3x box, for Samsung and LG, miracle box, volcano box, Nck box, for rooting mtk & spd phones etc.

2. Using software rooting like kingroot iRoot one click, super root etc

3. The use of flashing Software tools like sp tool for mtk, mtkd roid (mtdroid) infinix tool and etc.

4. Use of root app like Magrisk, SuperSU root etc by installing direct.

What you are going to discuss here is how to write root app to those android latest phones that are difficult to root. Unlike Android 5.0 and. Below that can be rooted with a click of button, android 5.1 and above are not easy like that.

To root Android latest Android you need to

a)  Unlock the bootloader.

b)  Install TWRP on the phone.

Having unlock bootloader and install TWRP let's proceed to flash root app to Android using TWRP. Believe that you have gone through TWRP installation step by step, to root your Android phone then.

Lets show you how to install root app on latest android using TWRP. If you have tried other options depend on your phone and not working, this is the best option.Follw steps bellow:-

Step 1. Download Magisk app and SuperSu app.

Step 2. Lets install Magisk application

Step 3 Boot your android phone to TWRP mode already installed.

Step 5. Click install and select "sdcard" to install in the android memory.

Step 6. Allow the Magsik app access to your android phone.

Step 7. You can set the applications that you want to have a root access.

Congratulations you have succeeded in rooting your android latest phone.

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