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Itel A12 and hanging on Logo tested 100% solution.

Itel phones just like Tecno and other low valued android‎ have been developed on SPD chip. Of recent Itel joined other phone manufacturers to produce android on MTK chip. Many users and technicians complained of SPD chip very hard to fix.

Itel A11, Itel A12 and Itel 1508 have one kind of ‎persistence problem that they hangs on logo. When this problem first came it was difficult to fix. You can flash the phone with. Pac file complete only to face same problem. If you have been flashing android (SPD) phones example Itel there is this problem of repartition incomplete format error.

If you don't know this is same problem you face with Itel A11, Itel A13 and Itel 1508 hanging even after flashing. If you able to repartition this phone before you flash your problem is solved.

Itel A11, Itel A12 and Itel 1508 hanging on Logo solution.

So how to solve Itel A11, Itel A12 and Itel 1508 hanging ‎on logo. Follow these instructions.

1. Download the file (.pac) file.
2. If you have a working phone, you can backup the pac file.

3. Download Factory Tool file for SPD.

4. Download UpgradeDownload tool. Or ResearchDownlad tool.

5. Charge your phone battery to around 80%.

6. Extract all the downloaded files and tools.

Note: There are two ways to flash these phone.

Step 1. Flash the phone with the pac file and Factorydownload ‎tool. This will create repartition and bypass the having boot logo.

Step 2. Flash the phone with pac file and UpgradeDownload to enable the phone to boot normal.

If the touch is not working after flashing , then download TP touch fix file and flash again with Upgrade download tool.

How to flash Itel A11, A12 and Itel 1508.

1. Repeat instructions 1 to 6 above.

2. Open Factory download tool and load the pac file pic

3. Click download icon

4. When Factory download hangs on system flashing, remove the phone.

5.Open Research or upgrade download tool.

6. Load the pac flash file Pic‎ and click download icon.

7. When it show passed (ResearchDownload) remove your phone and power on your phone. It takes time before it will boot.

Download Itel A12 ROM firmware here.

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