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How to recover your Lost contact, messages and some files

How to recover your Lost contact, messages and some files

Stop loosing your important files, contacts, messages, photos, videos etc from your phone. Back them up for free

Machine fails according to NASA. Computer crashes, phone spoil, memory card corrupt, phone lost.
How do you keep those beautiful memories captured on camera video with phone, contacts saved in phone. Important SMS or document that can change your life..

Have you ever lost a contact that is important or delete a message that worth keeping?
We are in computer age where almost everything when it comes to technology is virtually possible. Back up all your important files and save on a secured place. If you lost your phone or your lovely camera is faulty you get your documents back.

Is amassing to know that if you are user of android and activate Google account sync automatically. You don't have  problem if you can remember your google account details. When you login your account details on another android phone and restore you files everything will be saved in your new or another phone.

I always surprise when I hear people said my phone spoiled and I lost my contacts, my messages, photos etc.
Google made it possible for you just a press sync button your added contact will automatically saved in your Gmail. You need to do is
Note down your Google details
Activate auto synchronization or weekly sync.

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Google recently introduced google photos, the is an online storage for your pictures and videos. Remember is always associated with your gmail account. So once you have your gmail details this is hope that your pictures and videos is always handy even when you are moving from one android to another. If your android lost don't worry as long as you can remember your gmail account details. T&C apply.

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There are other free, I say free storage website though with space limitations that is available online.
We have the following

Yahoo mail- it can store all numbers of contact, photo and some documents. You can type(Compose) the message and send to yourself or attach the documents. You can also type and save as draft.

Gmail is another one, most effective on android phones. Gmail not only store your contacts, messages and daily schedule. It can store your photos and videos. All you need to do is get a new phone log in your details and restore your files.

 If you want more space, there is Dropbox, it supports up to 50GB space free. To get this service, it is listed among Google products. If you can't find it in Google just type in search engine. Login your Google details. You can upload all your files and download when you need them.

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We have deposit file server it is a large hosting storage files. It gives about 50 GB free storage file. The lovely thing about this is that you get the file link and save it somewhere ‎.

Mega storage server is another website that can help you secured your documents. Mega can hold enough data just for free. If you are looking to where to save your files, this storage server. Mega server gives you stable service, is mainly used for bloggers.

The essence of you knowing many of them is that is a good practice you save in many server in case of failure.

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