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How to fix Infinix Smart X5010 download fail, please redownload.

How to fix Infinix Smart X5010 download fail, please redownload.

It is no longer news that miracle box(crack V2.27a) is not supporting New MTK FRP bypass. This may sound funny but truth that with time android FRP will be like iPhone icloud. 

Recently, to bypass FRP in many android phones is difficult or may cause another harm to the phone. Some Samsung of you succeed to bypass FRP then Imei will be null with no network. 

Infinix X5010 among those phone you cannot bypass FRP with miracle flashing box(crack). When you do this your Infinix 5010 will brick. With this written on the screen
Download fail, please redownload! 

Follow the steps below to fix this problem (download fail, please redownload)  on Infinix Smart X5010

Step 1 download SP Tool

Step 2 charge your infinix x5010

Step 3 download this file ( Infinix Smart X5010 recover file)

Step 4. Extra the downloaded file

Step 5. Open SP tool and load the file.

Step 6 unpick preloaded box, connect your phone and click download button on so tool.

Step 7 once you see pass green mark on so tool disconnect your phone.

Power your phone and wait for a while ‎to enable it load.
Alas your infinix smart x5010 is back to life. 

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Unknown said…
Does the file has password
Samtech said…
If there is any password pls let me know
zamdtek said…
Did you see password?
Karan said…
Thank you very much, it's working!
zamdtek said…
Thanks for the comments
Glad we help you
Unknown said…
Comment les boss mais on voie rien ,on comprend rien .Ça fait plus 3h de temps je suis le site je n'arrive par a telecharger
Unknown said…
Non Mr sa fait plus de 3h de temps je suis le site du telecharger et je ne parvient par a le telecharger