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How to fix Gboard keeps restarting Close app in Android phones.

How to fix Gboard keeps restarting Close app in Android phones.

This is a new security measures applied by android producers which cause more ham than good. One of the security control is Gboard keeps restarting.

Causes of Gboard keeps restarting

1. Rooting of Android phone.

2. Installing of non-compatible apps.

3. Hard Reset of Android.

4. Reset privacy using Flashing Box or crack software.

5. FRP bypass with any method.
6. Corrupt of Android OS itself

Have you been faced with this display

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Gboard keeps stopping or Gboard has stopped working.

Don't panic Gboard is desired for security prevention especially when you carried out some suspected action on your android phone. This happens mostly on android 7.0 version and above. MTK Androids version 8.1.0 suffers it most of rooted or FRP bypass.

Zamdtek is always there to come up with new solution and help you fix that problem . If you have this problem Gboard keeps stopping follow these steps and fix it.

1. If you installed an app before this problem started

               Uninstall or remove the app

               Uninstall and reinstall Gboard app.

2. If you rooted your android before the problem

                Uninstall Gboard and update it

                Unroot the android if the problem persist.

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Use nck dongle you can download‎ crack here.

Download the particular android Da File reset here.

Reset android userdata

Reset ‎privacy

Reset FRP bypass and  phone your problem solved

You can use NCK Dongle crack do it.

4. If other methods don't fix your phone, then download your phone rom, firmware or scatter file and flash your android phone.

You can use any method to flash your phone depending on the phone type.

Note You must download the exact phone file. For instance Infinix X606 ‎and infinix X606B are not same.

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